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Bridges services offered in San Antonio, Helotes and Shavano Park, TX


Bridges services offered in San Antonio, Helotes and Shavano Park, TX

A gap in your smile can impact your physical or emotional health. If you’re missing permanent teeth, see the experts at Smile Structure Dentistry and Braces, with four locations in San Antonio and an office in Helotes, Texas. The dental team offers dental bridges to fill in the gaps and restore a beautiful smile. Schedule an appointment by phone or request one online today.

Bridges Q&A

What are dental bridges?

Bridges are tooth restorations that replace one or more missing permanent teeth. Smile Structure Dentistry and Braces provides various bridges to meet your personalized needs, including:

Traditional bridges

Traditional bridges consist of two crowns that bond to the teeth adjacent to a gap and an artificial tooth in between them.

Implant-supported bridges

Implant-supported bridges consist of multiple artificial teeth attached to each other, anchored by dental implants (metal posts) inserted into your jawbone. 

Framework bridges

Framework bridges support artificial teeth using a metal framework instead of crowns or dental implants. Your dentist wraps the framework around or bonds it to natural teeth.

Which benefits do bridges offer?

Bridges offer the following benefits:

  • Reduced adjacent tooth shifting
  • No more tooth gaps
  • Beautiful smile
  • Self-confidence
  • Easier chewing
  • Clearer speech
  • Improved quality of life

Bridges are sturdy, remaining fixed in place. They look, feel, and function like natural teeth and can last for a decade or more when cared for properly.

Are bridges right for me?

The Smile Structure Dentistry and Braces team determines if you’re a candidate for dental bridges after discussing your oral health history, reviewing the results of your dental X-rays, and examining your gums and teeth. They ask about your treatment preferences before tailoring a treatment plan that’s best suited for you. 

In addition to bridges, Smile Structure Dentistry and Braces offers dental implants with a crown or dentures, dental fillings, teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, dental bonding, and more. 

What can I expect during bridge placement?

Your dentist digitally scans your mouth to create a custom-fitted bridge. A dental lab then makes the new bridge. When it’s ready, your dentist bonds the bridge to your teeth and ensures a proper fit.

If you’re a candidate for an implant-supported bridge, your dentist inserts dental implants into your jawbone during a minor procedure. After the bone heals around the implants, your dentist attaches a custom-made bridge to the implants.

What happens after I receive a new bridge?

Take good care of your new dental bridge to ensure it lasts a long time. Brush your teeth after meals, floss every day, and don’t chew on hard things. See the Smile Structure Dentistry and Braces team every six months for dental exams and professional teeth cleanings, and call the office if you develop tooth pain or damage to your bridge.

Schedule an appointment at Smile Structure Dentistry and Braces by phone or request one online today to determine if a dental bridge is right for you.