Teeth Whitening

Why Consider ZOOM! Whitening?

Some people prefer not to wear at-home whitening trays…either because it’s difficult to remember to wear them every night, or because they need to see faster results. If you have a big event coming up, such as a wedding, job interview, or class reunion, ZOOM! Whitening can give your smile the boost that you’re looking for.

If you’ve struggled to see results from other types of whitening treatments because of how stained your teeth are, ZOOM! can help you achieve a better outcome. Depending on the coloration of your teeth, some of our San Antonio cosmetic dental patients prefer to have a ZOOM! treatment, and then continue whitening at home with custom trays to maximize the effects.

Your One Visit Teeth Whitening Procedure

Most same day whitening procedures take about 60-90 minutes to complete. First, we’ll set you back and give you some sunglasses to wear, so that the light doesn’t irritate your eyes. Next, we’ll apply protective gels across your gums, so that they’re not irritated by any of the whitening solutions. Then, we’ll brush the ZOOM! product across the surfaces of your teeth that are visible when you smile. Finally, a bright light is applied to the area for about 15 minutes to accelerate the release of stain particles.

We’ll use a shade guide to “measure” how white your teeth respond to the treatment. In many cases, we will reapply the gel two to four times until we see the desired results.

Results are Easy to Maintain

Get the most out of your teeth whitening investment by scheduling routine preventive cleanings with our Registered Dental Hygienists. During your checkups, we’ll buff away any surface stains that have developed between appointments. Avoiding excess coffee, tea, or soda (or drinking through a straw) can help.

We also highly recommend boosting your results through maintenance whitening using at-home custom trays. Being that your teeth are already significantly whiter, the trays and gel can work more efficiently to remove any microscopic stain particles that slowly build up between dental visits.

Is it Worth the Investment?

Having a beautiful, white smile is a valuable investment that can change your life. If you feel embarrassed by your teeth or are hesitant to show them off in pictures, ZOOM! Whitening may change that. Studies show that people with beautiful smiles often have higher levels of self-confidence and feel more outgoing. Zoom! may be the perfect gift for you or a family member who needs a quick boost to their smile.

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