Sedation Dentistry

Anxiety-Free Dentistry

group-of-dental-patients-after-gentle-preventive-cleanings-help-lift-away-tartar-and-stain-buildup-keeping-their-smiles-healthier-and-brighter-over-timeIf the thought of going to the dentist makes you nervous or scared, you’re not alone. Dental anxiety is a very common and very real thing. Our mission at Smile Structure Dentistry & Braces is to help you feel at ease in the dental chair, so you feel comfortable while receiving the dental treatment you need.

Sedation Dentistry Basics

For patients that suffer from dental anxiety, sedation is often the best way to make their visit to our San Antonio dental office less stressful and more efficient. We offer oral conscious sedation and nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to help ease patients’ anxiety about their dental treatment. We also offer general anesthesia for children who are nervous about dental procedures.

While most patients experience little to no discomfort or after effects from sedation dental treatments, you might feel a little off-balance or wobbly immediately after treatment as the medication wears off. We send you home with simple and helpful instructions for the rest of your day, and we recommend you plan to have someone drive you to and from your appointment.

group-of-dental-patients-after-gentle-preventive-cleanings-help-lift-away-tartar-and-stain-buildup-keeping-their-smiles-healthier-and-brighter-over-timeOur Sedation Options

Oral conscious sedation is one of the most effective ways to make dental visits easier on the patient. For adults, one small pill is all you need to feel comfortable throughout your appointment. For children, we offer milder medications in liquid form, so administration is easy and worry-free. Oral conscious sedation is often referred to as “relaxation dentistry” because patients are calm and relaxed throughout the entire treatment while remaining awake and able to respond.

We also provide nitrous oxide (laughing gas), a sweet-smelling gas that provides a gentle feeling of relaxation and a sense of well-being when inhaled, while leaving patients fully conscious. Nitrous oxide is one of the safest anti-anxiety agents used in dental treatments and has very few side effects. Laughing gas is a great option for patients of all ages!

  • Nitrous oxide increases your pain threshold and is helpful for patients who have a strong gag reflex that interferes with dental treatment.
  • Calm and relaxed feelings are felt almost immediately, and effects are easily reversed with a few minutes of breathing pure oxygen after treatment.
  • Administration involves only a mask over the nose, so it’s comfortable and painless – a great option for children and individuals with mental or physical disabilities.
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