When Can I Request Sedation During Dental Appointments?
Fear of dentists
Sedation dentistry helps our San Antonio patients enjoy anxiety-free trips to the dentist. Whether it’s just getting your teeth cleaned, having a crown made, or assisting your child through complex treatment – the benefits of sedation are perfect for people who feel a bit tense about having their teeth worked on.

Here are a few examples of when we might recommend sedation for you or your child:

If You’ve Had a Bad Experience in the Past

It’s not uncommon for people to hate going to the dentist, simply because of a bad experience that they had in the past. Maybe you have sensitive teeth, or just don’t like the idea of someone working inside of your mouth. Whatever your story is, sedation dentistry may be the stepping stone to overcoming your fear of the dentist office.

If You Prefer to Just “Get Everything Over with at Once”

Have you delayed your care to the point where it seems like everything is piled up? Do you need multiple appointments to spread your treatment out? Sedation can make it easy for you to simply schedule one appointment and tackle it all at once. It’s a great way to get your smile back on track.

If Your Child Requires Complex Care

SedationOur board-certified pediatric dentist will often work alongside of an anesthesiologist so that children can sleep during their treatment. This is especially useful if the child has multiple cavities, abscessed teeth, special needs, or is afraid of the dentist.

Why worry about how dental treatment will feel when you can simply “nap” right through it? At Smile Structure, we offer convenient sedation options to help our anxious patients relax. Just ask us how! We’ll be happy to make sedation dentistry in San Antonio an option for you. Call today to find out more.