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How Stress Can Damage Your Smile ,

How Stress Can Damage Your Smile

Dental Professional San Antonio TX

Stress is the body’s reaction to mental, physical, or emotional occurrences. Some stress is considered to be good stress – planning a special event, for example. Yet, many people experience stress when situations are out of their control, or they are under a great amount of pressure. The human body needs to release stress somehow,…

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Yes, You Can Afford Quality Dental Care

Dental Benefits San Antonio TX

Many people choose not to visit the doctor or dentist’s office because they are worried about the cumbersome expenses that can occur. Nothing is cheap these days, especially when it comes to taking care of yourself and your family’s health. At Smile Structure, we never want the fear of dental expenses to keep anyone from…

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Reasons Why You Should Start Dental Visits Early

bably learning how to use a toothbrush

Any parent can tell you how fast children grow up. The changes and development in the first year of life alone are almost unbelievable as they go from sleeping most of the time to laughing, sitting up, walking, and saying their first words. Your child’s appearance also changes as he grows and fills out, and…

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Protect Your Oral Health From “Mask Mouth”

General Dentist San Antonis TX

Your smile is one of your greatest attributes. Your smile lights up your entire face, greeting others and making them feel special. With mask-wearing being required many places due to COVID-19, your smile is being hidden from the world. While it is being hidden, it may also be susceptible to unwanted side effects that you…

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Is Cosmetic Bonding Right For Me?

Dental Procedure San Antonio TX

For many people, a perfect smile is the ultimate beauty goal. Your teeth are visible when you speak, smile, yawn, and laugh – so you want to be able to show them off without feeling embarrassed. However, not everyone has a perfect smile, and there are many who think that a perfect smile is not…

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How To Choose Mouthwash

Dental Patient San Antonio TX

Perhaps you have thought about incorporating mouthwash into your daily oral health care routine. Maybe your dentist has suggested that it would help prevent cavities, or maybe you are re-entering the dating scene and you want to make sure your breath is on point. Whatever your reason, a quick trip to the local drug store…

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Your Child’s Oral Health Needs to be a Priority

Pediatric Dentist San Antonio TX

The health of the mouth closely ties in with the health of the entire body. This is true for both adults and children. Parents have the responsibility to take care of their children’s oral health. By making sure your children learn early how important oral health is, you will help ensure that they have healthy…

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Our COVID-19 Dental Procedure Updates

Dental Sanitizing Tools

As Governor Abbott released the latest news regarding COVID 19 and reopening Texas on Monday, April 27th, Smile Structure is thrilled to open our practice to our dental family again. We are happy to be able to offer dental care for more than just emergencies. Our entire staff knows that your oral health is incredibly…

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Protect Your Smile During This Pandemic

Oral Health San Antonio TX

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, as of 8 am on March 23, 2020, until April 21, 2020 at midnight, the state has effectively shut down all dental offices. According to Greg Abbot’s Bill GA-09, all non-life preserving treatment is to be postponed to preserve masks and gloves for hospitals treating patients inflicted with COVID-19.…

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Straight Teeth Matter

young woman with dark hair showing beatiful teeth in a smile

When it comes to straightening adult’s teeth, it is easy to assume that it is all about aesthetics. However, while straight teeth are certainly more attractive, there is a lot more to be gained when you invest in orthodontics as an adult. Straight teeth not only offer benefits to your appearance and self-confidence, but they…

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